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TwoColors. OneGirl.

brainstorming ideas for a picnic party invite

aerial picnic
watercolor on sketch paper
winter 2014

hand lettering practice
acrylic ink and pen on sketch paper
winter 2014

Been working on drawing doggies as of late. All of these are drawn using tracing paper, charcoal and conte which I only discovered just recently. I love this material, it makes the drawing feel as if it’s flowing out of you. One of my goals this year is to practice drawing more regularly using different materials. I will keep you posted. 

"Whale Shucks 2" commissioned by a customer at Brooklyn Kolache Co.

Watercolor on paper and pen, Winter 2013 

MoMa Design Store, Spring 2012: Furniture and Tech collection

This is the art I made when I was in Barcelona, Spain. I had just returned from the Pablo Picasso Museum and took some time to paint what I saw that day. 

More costumes from the last few years. All hand and homemade by me, and all of these are my real clothes. 

Costume History #1: This year I took the opportunity to make Halloween an art project and a chance to create as many costumes as possible. After I had posted photos of all these creations, a few people had requested that I compile photos of all the costumes I have created over the years. So here they are. 

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Process photos from my latest watercolor series Consumption, currently hanging at Brooklyn Kolache Co.